Sports Courses

Sports Courses

The world of Sports and Fitness is broad, with many different career and work opportunities.

It is important for you to choose a sports course which best suits what you want to do one day.


Sports and Fitness Courses:

These courses include any certificates, diplomas or degrees which allow you to work as a personal trainer, fitness advisor or sports and fitness expert.

The career mainly involves a lot of one on one work with clients, helping them to achieve their health and fitness goals, as well as providing loads of motivation.  If working from private or commercial gyms is something you would be interested in, sports and fitness courses are your best bet.

Sports Management Courses:

Perhaps you are more business minded, but also want to be involved in the field of sports and wellness? Sports management may be more your type of field.

Sports managers are responsible for a wide variety of things such as:

o  Sports Public relations

o  Marketing of the sports team or individual

o  sport finance

o  sports economics

o  recreational sport mangers

If working behind the scenes to amplify your team’s success by applying a keen business sense is more your thing, Sports Management may be the right field for you!

Sports Coaching Science

Do you really want to work outdoors? Sports coaches are afforded the opportunity to earn their salaries by spending a lot of time on the sports field.

Apart from the coaching aspects such as motivating players and facilitating communication, sports coaches are also responsible for the administration of the team. This means booking matches, finding competitors to help drive the team to succeed and managing the interaction between the team members themselves.

If the notion of working outdoors and juggling many different areas at once sounds like something you would enjoy, Sports Coaching Science may be just the right field for you!


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