Sport Career Options

Sport Career Options

The various job opportunities in sport can roughly be divided into three main categories; they are Fitness, Coaching Science and Sport Management. Within these groups, students can choose to specialise in any of the following careers: 

Careers in Sport 

Courses available for these sport careers

o  Fitness courses


o  Coaching courses


o  Sport Management courses


A career in Fitness

If you have an interest in fitness and a healthy lifestyle then a career in fitness can be very rewarding. If you look at the job of a personal fitness instructor for instance – A personal fitness instructor works one on one with people. Over time they build a relationship with these people and get to know them very well. The duties of a fitness instructor includes general health and fitness level assessments, creating individual workout programmes for each client and helping clients reach their weight and fitness goal over a certain period of time.

You can also choose to work as a fitness trainer in your local gym. Most fitness instructors at public gyms specialise in more than one field of fitness training. They also work with a whole group of people – giving yoga, pilates or spinning classes for instance. You actually don’t have to limit yourself to only one field when working as a fitness trainer.


A career in Coaching Science

To work in the coaching science industry you have to have a qualification that relates to exercise and sport science, physiology, sports medicine or nutrition and fitness. You will most likely start off as an assistant coach and eventually work your way up to a head coach in a specific field of sport.

 Head coaches have to get adequate experience in the field to be able to become a professional coach. This can take years to achieve but it is worth the while. 


A career in Sport Management

A career in sport management means you will be dealing and working with the business side of sport. There are many different fields in the sports management industry you can choose to work in. Some of the fields include working as a front office assistant, sports manager, sports events manager, sport finance manager and more. As you can see, in all of these fields you will have to complete a set of managerial duties.


How do I get started?

 Now that you have a clear understanding of which courses relate to which fields, head over to the Colleges Tab to find a college which offers the courses you want! There are also some useful links at the bottom of the Colleges page which you may find helpful.