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People who work in the sports industry chose this line of career because of their passion for sports. They grew up training and playing sports and competing with other sports lovers to get the gold medal. Over the years sport has become their lifestyle, for this reason, getting involved in the sports industry is the best career choice they can make.




Many of the individuals who work in the sports industry were athletes once. Having a passion for and being serious about your fitness and sports might have sparked the idea that this is the only career you might be interested in and the only thing that have known your whole life. And this is why you are looking for sports courses.


Are you interested in studying and working in the field of Sports?


Have a look at some of the typical Sports Courses available:


  • Certificate Fitness
  • Diploma Fitness (exercise specialist)
  • Diploma Fitness (sports conditioning)
  • Certificate Sport Management
  • Certificate Coaching Science
  • Diploma Coaching Science


  • Indoor Cycling
  • Aerobics, Step and Tone
  • Pilates
  • Yoga
  • Sport Massage
  • Coaching the game of rugby
  • Coaching the game of cricket
  • Coaching the game of hockey
  • Coaching the game of football
  • Coaching the game of netball




So where do I begin?

The decision to start studying is a difficult one for most people to make. The commitment is a frightening one, usually because the student does not want to commit to one narrow field for the rest of their lives. In trying to make this process a little easier, we have included a set of questions and helpful career tests which could get you on the right path.

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